Enter new markets and scale your business

Quick and easy. Whether entering the German market, or new verticals. Get access to more than 6,000 curated contacts and potential new clients.


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New verticals.
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  • Customized go-to-market strategy for smooth entry into the German market.
  • Deep market knowledge of the German market.
  • Strong networking with potential customers, partners and investors.
  • Targeted temporary support of the sales strategy.

New verticals.

  • Together, we will design a new vertical strategy that builds on your previous successes and opens up new target groups.
  • Thanks to our fresh thinking and proven methods, you will quickly gain a foothold in more emerging markets and reach new customer groups.
  • Access to over 6,000 curated contacts.

What sets us apart?


We provide our clients with direct access to new customer groups and over 6,000 contacts, whether entering the German market for the first time, or developing new customer verticals - in one of the most attractive - but also most demanding markets in Europe.


We offer strategic consulting, marketing expertise and operational execution capabilities for companies seeking access to the German market, or set up new verticals, and looking to grow sustainably with their customers.


We deliver target group-specific marketing and business development campaigns that differentiate our clients from their market peers and lay the foundation for sustainable growth.


Our execution-driven and pragmatic approach helps increase commercial growth potential and build your brand positioning.

Your benefit

Best practice

  • We have acquired proven best practices from our previous activities interacting with FinTech startups, management consulting, ERP vendors, banks, insurance companies, captives and industry associations.


  • We are entrepreneurs ourselves and deeply rooted in the German financial service industry as well as FinTech and InsurTech community. We speak the language of our customers and share similar values and entrepreneurial visions.


20 yearsThought Leadership
6.000 curatedcontacts
Over70 clients

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